I’m sorry, I just got distracted for a moment by the woman behind her. The back of that dress has got a lot going on! (Wise to dress 360 for the Met Gala, where you KNOW you’re going to end up in the back of someone’s snaps.) Anyway. Brie:

This is cute? It both reminds me of the Prada dress Carey Mulligan wore to this event several years ago — which I loved — and those Gucci frocks that everyone has been wearing lately, and Brie’s own Golden Globes dress, despite sharing a designer with literally none of those things. I actually admire a lot about this: It’s dramatic, but you can walk, eat, and pee in it;  it’s vaguely futuristic, but she’s not going to look back at this in 10 years and wonder what the hell she was thinking; and I’m never going to complain about giant-ass paillettes. (The Paillettes is the name of my new girl group, I just decided.) I traditionally love Proenza — I saw one of their shows at the Armory like 100 years ago that was sincerely transportive — but I do wonder if this might not be ENOUGH for someone who just won an Oscar? Convince me otherwise.

[Photo: Getty]