Once again, I am stuck by how SUPER SERIOUS BIZNIZ Ginnifer Goodwin always looks in photos, despite the fact that, on chat shows and the like, she seems totally bubbly and charming and fun. I don’t know who told her to not to smile AND not to smize, but that person was WRONG, GinGood.  You are adorable: own it.

Also hilarious? Giselle there in the background. Nothing makes for a good photobomb situation like tons of celebrities crammed into a tent together.

Anyway, let’s talk dress:

Love the color. Like, LOVE. And I like it theoretically But girl. I don’t know if this is doing to your hips what you want it to do to your hips:

Ginnifer Goodwin has a totally cute figure, but this is….weird, right? I don’t mean “weird” as a euphemism for anything. I just meant that there’s something about the cut-outs, plus the draping somehow combines to HIP WEIRDNESS. In the sense that I feel like this is something any of the rest of us would try on and be like, “OOH, I like it. Oh. Except wait,” and then we’d stick out heads out of the TopShop dressing room (this is TopShop, which I also seriously love) and be all, “Hey, Heather? Heather? HEATHER?!!!! COME OVER HERE. Is this doing something weird to my hips?” And then we’d both sort of tilt our heads and look at it, and then Heather would be all, “….yeah. Kinda. I mean, the top is great. And the bottom isn’t bad?” and then we’d tilt our heads the other way and then we’d agree that now the Hip Weirdness is all we can see and the dress is summarily ruined for us and we’d hang it up and go buy like six tank tops and then go for a drink and sigh, “I loved that green dress. Too bad the hips were so…weird.”

Do you agree?

  • YES. Hip weirdness ahoy. Honey, NO. (65%, 6,584 Votes)
  • I am just averting my eyes because it's MOSTLY great. (27%, 2,714 Votes)
  • I hate it for other reasons. (4%, 375 Votes)
  • I LOVE IT. (5%, 492 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,165

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