Ooh, K Stew, so saucy! What a shame RPattz couldn’t be there — he’s off promoting Water for Elephants — because goodness knows, NO ONE loves a giant, teeming crockpot of celebrities, press and various hangers-on like the Pattz, right? Right? Hello? Oh, I guess you’re right.

So let’s focus on his honey:

I do love a halter top. I also love an art deco stair runner, which is what she seems to be wearing.

Yes! Fabulous! This is going to look tremendous going up my stone staircase in my 1920s Hollywood Spanish style mansion that I don’t own. I can just see myself, sitting under an umbrella outside, wearing giant sunglasses and a retro bikini and a big hat  and drinking a mojito while Jon Hamm cleans the vintage-tiled pool. We’ll have a long discussion about the runner on the stairs in the living room and how it really ties the rest of the place together. “I just love the whole Old Hollywood High Class Bordello Look we have finally achieved in there, the living room of our shared fabulous home which is soon to appear in House Beautiful,” Jon Hamm will say. “Also, it’s really hot out, honey, so I’m going to take my shirt off now.”  So, yes. I have decided I love this as long as it will agree to be part of the decor of my fictional FOR NOW home.


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