“Oh, don’t PATRONIZE me. I know what this is. I’m pregnant, and everyone wants me to get married, so the only thing anyone wants me to have is some dumb satin sack with some dumb glittery bodice like I am some dumb shotgun bride. Well, I’m ENGAGED, isn’t that ENOUGH? If you won’t give me a fishtail hem the size of New Jersey or a ballerina dress so short I could give birth in it, or a necktie that’s taller than Tom Brady, then can’t you leave a girl and her bejeweled bird-dropping headpiece ALONE with the appetizers and a seltzer? GOD.”

Is Kate right to look so crabby?

  • YES. Couldn't Stella McCartney have made her some hilariously hideous maternity jumpsuit? (15%, 1,795 Votes)
  • Yes, just because that's boring bridal and there's nothing to it. (25%, 2,929 Votes)
  • Yes, because she is astonishingly pregnant and I'd be crabby too. (30%, 3,513 Votes)
  • No! She looks fine! (11%, 1,264 Votes)
  • No! She should be SO GRATEFUL she is not in some stupid fugly Stella jumpsuit! (10%, 1,184 Votes)
  • No, she looks better than fine, she looks fab! (8%, 961 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,646

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