Oh, dude:

First and foremost, I do have to say that I love how EXCITED and cute Narciso Rodriguez is in this picture. The last few times Heather and I have been to his shows, Julianna here has been ABSENT and instead of just assuming that was because she was off filming The Good Wife, we started to fret that they’d had a falling out. Which would be totally inappropriate. Look how much he obviously thinks she rocks — and we’re certainly hope it’s true. She SEEMS like she would rock — she’s awesome in that show, which is actually totally awesome all around, even if it is on CBS and seems from the outside that it would be boring and for old people. And he also looks like a blast. Which is why I think we’re all going to get through the fact that he seems to have dressed her a bit like something you’d see in a summer stock production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream to live long, happy, and productive lives together.