This is an interesting event! It’s the opening of a Royal Academy exhibit many, many years in the making called Oceania. Per The Telegraph, it is “is the first major exploration of Oceanic art in Britain, and the largest ever to be staged in Europe.” That article is quite worth your time, as it goes into the logistics of this exhibit, focusing on the efforts of the curators to be culturally sensitive (to, among other things, the fact that many of these items were stolen) and to avoid  “showing Oceania through European eyes”. The exhibit opens to the public on September 29th, and runs through December, and I wish I were going to be in London so I could go. Meghan and Harry, of course, will be traveling to Fiji, Australia, Tonga, and New Zealand in October, so her attending this opening feels very on topic for her personal upcoming calendar, in addition to presumably just being generally interesting.

We’ve got video of her in motion, and I have to admit it kind of made me chuckle:

That is the gait of a woman whose feet hurt because she spent the prior day running around playing netball in heels. Those of us who wear heels have ALL walked like that — AKA, gingerly. Harry, please buy your bride a portable foot spa! Amazon has them for cheap!

[Photos: FACUNDO ARRIZALABAGA/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock, Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock]