First of all, I kind of miss Megan Fox. She’s so much funnier than she ever gets credit for — I loved her on New Girl when she stepped in for Zooey Dechanel, and honestly Jennifer’s Body is so underrated. She also got so much shit when she pointed out that Michael Bay is a dillhole, back in the day, when now I think we would probably all just nod and be like, “yeah, Michael Bay obviously is a dillhole, Megan Fox, you’re right.” So I hope she is thriving! She is still married to David Silver, and I’m sure it’s a blessing to be so precious to him, and apparently she’s in an upcoming movie with Oscar Isaac, so outlook seems good. She also, clearly, owns a VERY beautiful old-fashioned nightgown, the sort that 30s movie stars would wear to sit at their vanity table and put on their makeup, whilst mentally plotting some kind of financial or romantical scam that would end badly but during which they would look AMAZING, so that’s just a bonus.

[Photo by Rob Latour/Shutterstock]
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