Megan is on The Blacklist, and I see this and all I can imagine is a promo for this dress done in the style of an ad for a show like that: “WHAT. HAPPENED. TO. MEGAN???” It’s like the sequel to Rosamund Pike’s now-infamous custom Vera Wang maxi-pad disaster. I am utterly confounded by why this seems to be dropping off her body, like how the blinds on one window in my kitchen that just WILL NOT go up evenly no matter how I try to adjust them

11th Annual CNN Heroes

Is ANY part of the front actually touching her skin?

The 11th Annual CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute

Our sources didn’t have a shot of the back, so this will have to do. Clearly it’s strings, so maybe it’s laced like a sneaker. Maybe it IS constructed like horizontal blinds. Somebody please get this woman a service appointment, stat.

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