I was catching up on my reading this weekend and stumbled upon a piece in InStyle called “Martha Stewart’s Pant-Shoes Are the Most Confusing Thing I’ve Ever Seen in My Life,” and I thought, “these must be confusing if InStyle is calling them out.” (I love InStyle but they are, by virtue of their place in the celebrity ecosphere, very celeb-friendly!) And InStyle was absolutely right — and very funny — because this IS confusing. InStyle calls this….situation….a “perplexing brown legging espadrille wedge look (ledges?)” but I might offer the portmanteau of leggings + espadrille = leggspadrilles.  Whatever we eventually decide, as a community, to call them, they are goofy AF and I am entertained. Please do this with the gold lamé ones next, Martha!

[Photo by MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images]