The atrocities Maren Morris has sported at the last two major music ceremonies — the CMAs and the Grammys — have been well-documented here. The CMAs in particular were framed as her splashy debut with a new stylist team, and it was a total faceplant. The test balloon was released into the air, and it immediately hit a tree branch and popped, and spat its way earthbound. So it’s good to see that Maren is wearing something eye-catching in a less tragique way. I even like it. It might be a bit tight in spots, unless maybe the fabric is unforgiving, but the iridescent green is nifty and at least I’m not totally perplexed about why she bothered taking it off the hanger.

Apparently the team gave up on accessories, which is a bummer, because this could use either a bracelet or a necklace of some kind. Anything to distract from what’s truly setting this back: the hair.

The 53rd Academy of Country Music Awards Arrivals

The makeup isn’t super, either. Those eyes aren’t smoky; they’re full-on scorched. It’s the severe center part that’s killing me, though; with that, and the curls waiting a bit before fanning out around her face, is a relic of so many ’80s photo albums that most of the wearers wish would stay buried. Also, psst, Team Morris, we probably shouldn’t see the dress lining poking up over her bodice. So, yes, we took baby steps forward, but then we fell over.