Maren recently signed with Wilhelmina Models, which per People will style her for red carpet events as well as photo shoots. This is their first collaboration, which may explain a) how she executed a deep dive into a designer such as Francesco Scognamiglio, and b) why she looks dipped in batshittery and coated in wha-aaaaaat?¬†This reeks of styling a person for capital-F Fashion and not for whether it actually suits their body; that outfit was ridiculous on the tall model, and doubles down on the daft when thrust upon a lady who is 5’1″. Check Maren out in this green number, or this super cute skirt (with admittedly terrible sports bralet), and then groan anew about how squat this cheap netting makes her seem.

So, I have some tips for Wilhelmina. Step one: Do not style someone as if you have not met them, or indeed ever looked at them. Step 2: Do not style someone using your Kardashian mood board on Pinterest. Step three: Do not style someone in this dress, because it is an abomination of low-cost fencing, and turns “ruffle” into a dirty word. Step four: Maybe… do not style someone, period?

Up on stage singing with Niall “One Direction” Horan, she seemed a bit more relaxed.

51st Annual CMA Awards, Show, Nashville, USA - 08 Nov 2017

And actually, she looks a LOT like Shailene Woodley to me suddenly, especially with that dress’s Fancy Earth mother vibe.

51st Annual CMA Awards - Show, Nashville, USA - 08 Nov 2017

Suddenly I’m REALLY into the idea of Maren and Mama Shai doing their own kind of Country Strong. Maybe that can be a cinematic anthology franchise — like a cross between American Horror Story and Nashville. You’re welcome, America.

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