Around the time of Fug Madness, when Jessica and I were considering the seedings, we almost did a mini-tournament on the side just about horrible dude hair. It was rampant. (Then sanity prevailed and we realized we couldn’t possibly do that without our heads exploding and our freshly spritzed grey matter making our spacebars stick.) But recently, now that most shows are on hiatus, we’ve had a run of bad coifs that began with the atrocities Brad Pitt has committed upon himself this year, picked up again with the otherwise-adorable Zachary Levi’s nohawk and Peter Krause’s I Can’t Believe They’re Not Clip-In Bangs, and continues apace with such luminaries (or loon-inaries) as Penn Badgley, The Kutch, STILL Brad Pitt, and Ron F’ing Swanson. Leading the pack? Good old Al Pacino, who apparently never met a hand-dryer into which he did not try to jam his face.

[Photos: Getty, Flynet, Splash]