Fugger: Brangelina

Fug or Fab, and Well Played: Elle Fanning and Angelina Jolie at the Japanese Premiere of Maleficent

I am often sort of annoyed when people show up to their premieres dressed vaguely like the characters they’re playing in the film in question, but for some reason, I find it charming with these two AND I DON’T KNOW WHY.

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Well Played, Angelina Jolie in Versace (But What Is Going On With Brad?!)

Well, if Elle Fanning is in full Princess Aurora costume, so has Angelina worn her best Maleficent, including jewelry that can double as weaponry.* (She DID leave the horned cape at home, which is a shame.) She and Brad also appear to be having the BEST TIME, even if he is turning into the lounge lizard at your chain-smoking aunt’s local, who she swears used to be really, really handsome.

*Which she might have needed, because GUESS WHO randomly punched Brad on the red carpet? That Random Jerkweed who stuck his head up America Ferrera’s dress. SERIOUSLY, how on earth is he getting this close to the red carpet without being escorted from the premises? ESCORT THE JERKWEED OUT.

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Well Played Photo Spread, Mostly: Angelina Jolie on and in Elle Magazine, June 2014

It’s a real pity she’s so terribly unphotogenic.

But seriously: I actually don’t think the cover itself is my favorite. I mean, it’s a comparative science — Angelina is never going to look like a hideous she-beast, not even when she’s in costume as a she-beast for Maleficent — but the brows-raised messy-haired pose doesn’t appeal to me as much as some of the other images in what was apparently a 16-page spread. For some reason it’s too much about the eyebrows for me.

I do, however, like that she recently gave an interview in which she said she doesn’t let herself moan and wail too much about juggling work and parenting because she realizes she has advantages that most people don’t. It feels squarely aimed at Gwynnie’s recent comments, and while I do think Rich People Are Allowed To Have Feelings Too, Gwyneth’s remarks were pretty out of touch — and in a world where most celebrities try so hard to be like, “No, I’m just like you,” it’s refreshing to hear Angelina be like, “Except, I’m not, I have mad cash to pay for things that most people can’t, and it’s disingenuous and in fact disrespectful to working mothers to pretend that’s not true.” In the PR wars, sometimes self-awareness trumps all.

Which cover do you/would you prefer?

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Fugs and Fabs: “The Normal Heart” Premiere

What in the ever-living effing smackballs is going on with Brad Pitt?

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Recents Fugs and Fabs of Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning

While everyone else was Met Balling, these two were off starting the Maleficent press tour. Brad popped out for the stop at Kensington Palace, but surely just because he hoped Prince George might toddle out and politely demand a play date. (He did not.)

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Fug the Head-Suits: Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, and Brad Pitt

Let’s check in on three erstwhile heartthrobs who are becoming — kind of like Intern George has — one of those Hot Guys We’ll Talk About Fondly To Our Kids And They Will Look At Us Strangely And Go, “Whatever, Mom, He’s Old, I Don’t Get It,” and then we’ll have to fire up the old YouTubes that will, by then, be implanted in our heads.

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