I wish The Rihanna Coat Experience were a pop-up in, say, Vegas, where you got to pay $17 to go into a life-size recreation of Rihanna’s actual closet and just look at all her coats while her music plays and someone gives you a glass of wine and you get to keep the glass. I’d shell out for that. I also must confess that at first sight, I thought this coat had a hood. But no! Rihanna owns a hooded sweatshirt that perfectly matches this very cozy and adorable coat, thus creating an optical illusion. But the coat is no less cozy for it. Somewhere in the fictional realm, Selena Gomez’s Only Murders in the Building character just pinned this to her outerwear inspo board, and who can blame her.

This photo makes me laugh:

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - January 28, 2022

ASAP Rocky is like “I AM COLD CAN WE PLEASE GO INSIDE THIS ESTABLISHMENT IMMEDIATELY,” and Rihanna is like, “I don’t know what you’re even talking about, because I feel fine!” She is magic. (The news ALSO broke just this morning that they’re expecting a baby! Mazel tov, you two crazy kids.)

[Photos: GHOST/Shutterstock, Gotham/GC Images]