So, this time of year is traditionally when movie studios release the pictures they think are gonna be stinkers. (I feel like I just channeled a 82 year old man for that sentence.) And I must admit that I do not have high hopes for Lucy Hale’s film, The Unicorn, which is described thusly: “When an engaged woman learns that her parents’ secret to happiness is threesomes, she and her fiancé set out on a wild night of their own that exposes problems in their relationship.” This film was directed by a man, and the screenplay is credited to FOUR men, so let me just say….I have some concerns that perhaps this film is not a sensitive exploration of the inner lives of the women in the story, though the reviews coming out of SXSW when it premiered weren’t terrible.  I look forward to finding out on a plane one day! Regardless, the good news is that Lucy Hale is looking great when she’s out and about promoting the movie. Like, this is super:

Celebrities at BuzzFeed NYC, New York, USA - 09 Jan 2019

Parenthetically, like everyone else with a Netflix account, I’ve been binging YOU this past week, and Lucy Hale’s old Pretty Little Liars co-star Shay Mitchell is FANTASTIC on it. (We interviewed her for Cosmo in 2016 and I kind of feel like a proud mama.) I CANNOT STOP WATCHING IT. Maybe Lucy can finagle herself a cameo?

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