Off-White threw a loving farewell to its founder, the late Virgil Abloh, back in May. And now it’s the Louis Vuitton menswear line’s turn to pay respects to the man who’d been its creative director since 2019. They put together a show full of visual references to previous Abloh productions, a performance both on film and in person by the all-Black-member Marching 100 band from Florida A&M University, and a live performance from Kendrick Lamar. Oh, and a stacked front row, which Jessica already covered today. I agree with her that I am not emotionally prepared for Justin Timberlake to try and win us all back by becoming an experimental fashion child… but I absolutely want him to do it anyway, so that we can all watch him try to pull off the more absurd things in here, like the backpack that appears to be a full speaker/DJ station (slide 37), the horned hood in slide 41, the coat of many puffy pockets in slide 45, the cover photo on this gallery up there, and pretty much any of the hats.

[Photos: Imaxtree]