This menswear line from Loewe, like so much of the brand’s stuff, is hella weird and jarring. And that was not an accident. Per the Vogue write-up, designer Jonathan Anderson was playing on the ways technology distorts us:

The sleeves and lapels of a furry coat had fiber optic lights inside them creating the illusion of wetness, the illuminated waistband of trousers made them seem like they were floating, and the entire frame of a coat was lit up. “It’s the idea that you become backlit because everything on a phone is backlit,” Anderson said, referring to the way we see things on our phones and the way our screens light up our faces. Balaclavas with heart-shaped peepholes played on the idea of digital frames.

Similarly, the orbital hem of a shirt and the waistband of shorts were bent in separate directions so it looked like you’d skewed them in FaceTune. […] And those t-shirts and jumpsuits with faces and bodies printed on them like optical illusions? They were worn by the models who posed for them, distorting and reshaping their physiques the way we do it on those beautifying apps.

So… at least it’s bonkers with purpose? But it is bonkers. Josh O’Connor wears a lot of Loewe, and I CANNOT wait to see how faithfully he interprets any of this.

[Photos: Imaxtree]