A surprise benefit of fame, to my way of thinking, is being able to purchase shirts with your own visage on them and use them to communicate to others. (Lizzo had kind of a tough week last week, emotionally, I think. A downside of being famous would be hearing what every dingus on the internet thinks about you via your own social media; celebrities, stay off your Instagram! You don’t need that shit in your life!) This is second only to also being able to send your friends and family gifs featuring your own face. But Lizzo has another tick in the “pro” column, which is that she has the capacity to wear fringed leather pants and look so cute in them. These would easily look ridiculous on someone else, but she looks like (a) a party, and (b) like she ought to be starring in a Netflix rom-com about a woman who ends up on a dude ranch for Reasons, and it turns out she loves it there. It’s called Back in the Saddle and it’s going to be a huge hit. (Alternately, let’s just have someone adapt A Cowboy to Remember and shoehorn this outfit in there! OR BOTH! Why not both.)

[Photo by DIGGZY/Shutterstock]
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