Allow me to place you in time: This was three years after the Infamous Versace Safety Pin Dress. I cannot believe that I didn’t remember this but in my defense, I was a senior in college in February, 1997, and I assume I was drunk when it happened. (Also, pre-internet, the only way to find out what folks wore to things was Entertainment Tonight and magazines, so Celebrity Outfits of Note really had to work to get into your brain holes if they weren’t worn to something that everyone was already watching live, like the Oscars.) Anyhoodle, this is: obviously horrifying; incredibly sartorially prescient; could easily be worn today (although we’d still be sort of horrified unless the person who wore it WAS Elizabeth Hurley herself again, in which case, I stan); and, finally, somehow FANTASTIC on her, against all odds. What a babe.

[Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images]