Whatever media blitz Lindsey has been doing, I completely, completely missed — with the Olympics coming up, it didn’t even occur to me to Google anything else, and so I missed that she’s promoting her autobiography until y’all mentioned it in the comments. It’s called Rise: My Story, and leaving aside for a second that I always feel like Maya Angelou owns that word, I always scratch my head a little at celebs who write memoirs when they’re still fairly close to the events of said memoir. To my mind, most autobiographies — I suppose with a few timely exceptions, like, Malala can write whatever she wants whenever she wants — benefit from either the wisdom of a decade-plus of remove and perspective, or from having zero f*cks left to give (politely, let’s call that “a willingness to burn bridges with some bracing honesty”). Maybe Lindsey’s will fall into the latter category. She’s been breaking out the pastel blazers to sell it, this time a lavender one with a cute striped lining. Once again I’m not sure about the pants — leather always looks a little off to me when it’s loose? — and I would always prefer boots over fake heels with those weird stretchy panels that turn them INTO boots (I think that’s what she’s wearing). So I guess this is a scrolldown. But there was a time when there was nowhere to scroll with this one — it was all wacky — so, progress? Yes.