Lindsey Vonn never really struck me as having a curated sense of style in the past; it was mostly just haphazard ball gowns. A pap walk is way outside the norm for her, let alone a pap walk in a carefully chosen pink blazer with feathered cuffs and a furry purse, hair tossed just-so, makeup artfully minimal-looking. She looks pretty cute, with the exception of the pants, which are serving an itchy polyester I’m a Flight Attendant for British Airways aura. But it definitely reads Influencer. Her first post-retirement Olympics is coming up fast, and I’m sure that’s hard for her. Maybe this is her attempt to get NBC to hire her to call skiing — like Tara and Johnny rolled into one. But Johnny would not endorse the pants. Maybe she should call them for advice.

[Photo: Diggzy/Jesal/Shutterstock]