So, remember the mystery of Lily’s totally perplexing pink pants? They were by a line called Hellessy, which she very thoughtfully wore again on the Mamma Mia 2 trail:

Lily in #hellessy at the London press conference for #MammaMia2

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All I can conclude is that everyone involved is REALLY into flaps. So many flaps, all the livelong day. From the waist, in a pair; from her hip, just up there. From her elbows they do tear; her ninja waistband has two to share. O, flaps and flargles, I can’t bear; flaps and flargles, everywhere. In related news, Dr. Seuss’s estate is writing a new children’s book called Oh, The Places You’ll Get Your Clothes Caught!

Power pink #emiliawickstead

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This is, as noted above, by Emilia Wickstead. There are no flaps, thank goodness, but that bodice needs to be arrested and jailed for what it’s doing to her torso. It’s giving her actual Picasso boobs somehow.

Amanda Seyfried and Lily James at Build Series

I’m not loving the twee slip-on bow shoes with her coveralls, either. It’s been a curious press tour for Lily. We had princess ball gowns and sleeve-pants and now we’re in something Martha Stewart might wear, if it involved more spandex on the bottom. I’m confused, and I think possibly so is her styling team.

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