It’s always fun to look back a decade and be reminded of what’s changed — people aren’t wearing nearly this much satin anymore; Phoebe Price probably doesn’t merit an invite in 2018 — and what hasn’t (like the fact that Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick are THANK GOD still together). But the 2008 Emmys were also noteworthy because lot of people actually looked…really reasonable?! Other fun facts: This was the ceremony that was hosted by a rotating selection of reality show hosts (Heid Klum, Jeff Probst, Seacrest, etc), a decision that was widely panned. (It was kind of a disaster, but tonight’s Emmys are set to be hosted by Michael Che and Colin Jost and I’d truly much rather have Heidi.) The 2008 ceremony also holds the record for the low ratings in the history of televised Emmys! Don’t worry: They rebounded in 2009 with Neil Patrick Harris, at what I would argue was the height of his renaissance. Let’s revisit them.

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