I am that person who is always nervous someone will grab my suitcase before I notice it at baggage claim, because it looks just like theirs (another reason I am reluctant to invest in those Away bags; it feels like every fourth case off the plane is one of those). So I’ve always tried to tie a ribbon around the handle, or pick a pattern or color that isn’t quite like all the others, and when I don’t — when I borrow one of Kevin’s suitcases, for example — I am completely thrown. Heidi Klum has taken that modest little game and kicked it up to Serious Pizzazz. She has two different plaid bags, and then one that looks like those Zubaz pants that people used to wear because, I assume, weird mind-controlling vapors were pumped into all the stores. AND you can see she’s carrying a pink-trimmed chevron bag, which could be hers or could belong to one of her children. Either way, Heidi might be my Nobody Will Ever Mistakenly Take MY Luggage soulmate, and now I probably need to look into plaid. I will, however, steer clear of whatever that jumpsuit is. That’s hers and hers alone.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]
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