Ruth Wilson is currently promoting a movie that is not Don’t Worry Darling. It’s TRUE! There are others! It’s an ensemble murder mystery called See How They Run, starring her, Sian Clifford, Adrian Brody, David Oyelowo, Saoirse Ronan, and Sam Rockwell (the latter four SKIPPED THE PREMIERE, it is a GREAT SCANDAL!!!!… Just kidding, and also we cannot have two of these at the same time, the news cycle will implode). The trailer is a hoot; it seems a popular play is to be made into a movie, until Adrien Brody ends up DEAD BY FOUL PLAY. I could use one of these that does not involve Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot, so thank you, Film Gods, and may Daniel Craig cross over from Knives Out someday to solve a crime with Constable Saoirse and Downtrodden-Seeming Sam Rockwell.

Anyhoo, Sian looks nice here, and not at all like a pencil. Ruth’s dress reminds me of the Halloween shower curtain we would put in the guest bathroom every October, just to disturb anyone who came over to hang out with us. It’s appropriate for a movie about murder because it looks like it was used to clean up after one. (Great way to hide the evidence! Make a note, TV writers.)  But I came here wanting to discuss her shoes, and although NOW I am maybe more enthralled by her crime scene couture, let’s go ahead with that plan:

'See How They Run,' Premiere, London, UK - 06 Sep 2022

I will give her that they are probably comfortable? They remind me of those big Nine West slides from back in the day, except with a heel — kind of like if Dr. Scholls had bought the company and turned it into orthopedic fancywear. They are a bit overwhelming, and I say that KNOWING I also just wrote that her gown looks like it has homicidal secrets. Those shoes might be flotation aids? Can we see how they run… far away? Throw in the sky blue bag, and I am overcome. I crave something simpler. Thank you Sian, for being the contrasting energy here.

[Photos: Nils Jorgensen/Shutterstock]