I’m sure you didn’t doubt that animal print is back — Jennifer Lopez looked AMAZING in it yesterday, and you’ll see it every time you shop. On Twitter, just the other day, we were all talking about how mean it is that J.Crew has this linen leopard blazer when I’m trying not to buy anything. (Okay, so I did buy a blazer, but it was this one [and holy cow it’s good, but now I am really getting back on the No Shopping Wagon, I swear].) If there is ANYTHING that might push someone off that No Shopping Wagon, though, it’s this; she looks so cool, and the vaguely retro, quasi-Audrey Horne feeling is certainly perfect for a Twin Peaks event. The drinks at the Roadhouse are on me.

[Photo:  Michael Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock]
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