You know how there are some people who always look older than they are, as if their looks are just waiting for their linear age to catch up with them — and then they look whatever age that is forever? Cheryl Burke from DWTS is one of those people. When I found out she was in her twenties I was like, “What? Are you sure she’s  not 35?” But then when she’s 45, everyone will be like, “Wow, you look 35.” I think Demi Lovato is like that, a bit.

She always looks about ten years older than she should — which isn’t always bad, it just is. And it’s not even really her face. She is just, for me, unable to put on ANY item of clothing without looking like she’s in her thirties. This dress is one of the better things she’s ever put on — good color, graceful lines — but unfortunately, this was a costume change. The bright side: She wore this second (and thus probably longer). The down side is, she wore this first:

It’s not even… I actually can’t even tell if this is awful (though it is aging her). I am way too distracted by the fake-looking twin ringlets dribbling down each armpit. It’s like, if you pull one, the bodice opens. If you pull the other, it closes. Like a theater curtain for her cleavage. And then if you pull them both at the same time, the whole dress breaks and sets off a spray-tan alarm that gives her an emergency spritz.

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