This is a very splashy party every year (except the last one, for obvious reasons) at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, raising money for the museum, which currently desperately needs it for many reasons, including that part of its campus is a big hole in the ground at the moment and they’re uh, running out of money? (I assume they’ll also get some much needed cash from visitors to their new exhibitions, Black American Portraits, which I hear is fantastic, and Kehinde Wiley’s and Amy Sherald’s portraits of President Obama and Michelle Obama, which are on tour from the Smithsonian at the moment.) For the past several years, this party has been basically underwritten by Gucci in a partnership that feels very generous on the part of the brand and very smart on both fronts in terms of getting flashy/classy celebrity PR for both of them. This also means that nearly everyone we’re featuring here is wearing Gucci. The good news: Most of it is very good! Other good news: We got a press release for this event, which also told us that they served “wines by JNSQ and JUSTIN. Signature soju cocktails by KHEE. Additional beverages by FIJI Water and POM Wonderful,” and you know I love menu details. BUT WHAT DID PEOPLE EAT?!

[Photos: Lumeimages/Shutterstock, CraSH/imageSPACE/Shutterstock, Rob Latour/Shutterstock]