I’m not sure what prompted Kylie digging into the archives — at first I thought it was because Jean Paul Gaultier just announced his retirement, but actually, that was back in early 2020; time has no meaning, it’s a flat circle, etc. but I’m glad she did, because this vintage 1987 siren feel rather works on her. I KNOW. But it does. The actual dress is not perfect; I never love front zippers, and she replaced opaque gloves with see-through ones, which is in a tie for Most Unnecessary Detail with her plastic shoes. But the vibe is right. It’s a junior-varsity version of what Madonna did in 1990 with the cone bra, and listen, thank GOD Kylie — a member of the notoriously unrestrained KardJenner clan — at least knew enough not to attempt that. The Blonde Ambition Tour aesthetic is available to mortals only on Halloween, at best.

[Photo: Shutterstock]