The era of the Going-Out Top has (well for me anyway) long passed, but hey, everything old is new again; all bets are off as we head into a summer of less Covid. I tend to define the Going-Out Top as the crux of whatever we put on to go out to a bar — the top was the thing, and we’d just pair it with jeans or plain pants. Less fancy than the top for sure, but this is taking it to an extra level of discord. Irina Shayk has been trying pretty much everything in the world as she goes about her errands, so it makes sense that she’d scoot to a place of conflating Going-Out Top with Going Out Of My House To Grab Some Gum Top. But it really does look like she was in the middle of a photoshoot or a fitting, realized she was out of tampons, and bolted after tossing on the first bottoms she could find. God speed, Irina.

[Photo: Shutterstock]
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