Somewhere, I feel like SWINTON just looked at this — and by “somewhere,” I mean “probably in a tree house in as-yet undiscovered Scottish forest that exists outside of normal human longitude but still gets decent WiFi” — and nodded with approval.

I’D look like a dumb-ass in this, mostly because I’d spill all over it immediately, but she looks cool and groovy and interesting. Points for sunglasses and a red lip, both of which go a long way toward making me like anything.

She wore this on Fallon last night:

Which…I don’t argue with as a Running Around Town look (well, I argue with those socks, but mostly because I’m a crotchety old granny), but cut-offs and a cropped tee seem a little undercooked for almost any professional obligation. Maybe not a fund-raising carwash? But otherwise.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]