There’s something so poetic to me about the giant handprint behind her.

It’s as if to say, “STOP. Just stop.” Which I wish she would do. I don’t even think she looks bad in this, or anything; it’s not a great bodice, but it’s not chafing my soul either. But it is so HARD not to see her as some kind of sequel instead of as a person — when I saw the thumbnail, I forgot Kim just had a baby and thought this WAS Kim for a hot second — and I hate that. It isn’t fair to her, but that’s kind of where we are, no? You know how British kids commonly take a gap year before University? I wish Kyle would take a gap year from being a Jenndashian and go walkabout and find herself, away from her mom and the paparazzi and her creepy boyfriend (sorry, but his age + how old she was when they began dating = creep). And if she’s perfectly happy, then hey, a gap year will only underline it and she can go right back to doing what she’s doing. Yes, yes. GFY Heather, Pop Culture M.D. This has been my prescription.

[Photo: Getty]