Eva Longoria looks like she’s biting back a giggle — and also, for the record, is rocking that lemon (that hem looks better from the front). Maybe she’s trying not to react to Kim’s spiky bangs, which clearly are clip-ons — Kim would not do anything to her hair that she couldn’t quickly undo if it were a disaster — or maybe she’s chortling inside at the fact that her neck looks like she coiled a long handbag strap around it. She could ALSO be amused at the idea of making a bunch of women in heels walk around on dirt and gravel, or with wondering whether Kim lined her lips with a Sharpie. But I’m going to go with Door No. 1: Big Bad Bangs, which don’t suit her face. They are edgy in a way Kim cannot be, no matter how many leather cummerbunds she uses to crack her ribs.

[Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images]