Kim was on The Tonight Show discussing Kanye’s proposal, dressed as your grandmother’s end table, during which we learned that Kanye is planning the wedding — which is HILARRIBLE to me because you KNOW that guy is the uber-Bridezilla. She also notes that her wedding is going to be “destinational” and that she is going to take his name and be Kim Kardashian West. I was hoping for a mashup — Westdashian — or an anagram (Hawked Artisans) but no dice.

Oh, and she still has bad taste in outfits. But you knew that.

If you want to hear it, I’ve embedded the clips after the jump. The weird thing is — and I have never watched her show, so this is new for me — she doesn’t come off as unpleasant, nor unkind. She’s just so sculpted in every single way that it’s hard to tell whether there’s an actual personality in there, or just a lovely vessel that says nice things in a nice tone. I suspect the latter. When E! decides to sever ties, they should just hide lipstick cams in every room of that infernal house and burn that bridge in SPECTACULAR fashion.

Clip #1, in which she discusses the engagement and notes that she wants to keep the details of the proposal remarks private, which is fine — being on camera 80 percent of her life doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the right to keep something to herself if she wants to — but I didn’t think I’d ever hear her say the words “keep it private” come out of her mouth. She also talks about what an artist Kanye is, with regards to the ring, but… isn’t it just a massive honking diamond on a band? What kind of planning that THAT take, other than of the financial variety?

And in part two, she talks Kris and Bruce, and North, who apparently never cries, ever, which… listen, I hope it’s true, because once that poor love is old enough to realize that her parents gave her a punch-line for a name, she may shed enough tears to drown Planet Kardashia.

[Video from Hulu]