Tis the season for various For Your Consideration events for the Emmys, in which each network drags out the casts of whatever project they’re trying to get nominated and shakes them in our faces again. (If you are in one of these projects, especially the ones that seem like a long-shot, it must feel like your promotional duties never end. What if you hated the people you work with?) Right now, FOX is reminding us all that they did Rent live — which I actually had forgotten, and which I suspect several people would want us to forget, given that it was unfortunately a fiasco, and it technically was NOT totally live and also they had to petition the Emmys so that they’d be eligible for the Variety Special Live category, given all of the things that went wrong with it. ANNNNNNYWAY, they’re also vying for nominations in a LOT of other categories — hence why Kiersey Clemons, who played Joanne, is back out on the case. I cannot, however, explain why she is dressed like a very groovy Jedi. Doesn’t she look like someone who is going to show up in the new Star Wars on some very chic new planet that has a lot of sunken living spaces and interesting rock formations? She’ll have grave news for our heroes, but she’ll look VERY elegant delivering it.

[Photo: Media Punch/INSTARimages.com]