This is not the best picture of Joshua Sasse, but please trust me when I tell you that he is EXTREMELY dreamy, which I learned from watching Galavant on ABC — a show I am deeply in love with, and the fact that it likely will not return for a third season SHOULD NOT DETER YOU AT ALL from checking out the first two seasons. It’s abundantly charming, it will make you fall in love with Timothy Omundson (Psych) if you weren’t already, and will reward you greatly for your trouble. Also, each season is only eight half-hour episodes. Easy. Please treat yourself. Only season 1 is streaming right now, but season two just ended, so it’ll turn up soon.

Anyway, Kylie guested on episode 1 of the second season, and she and Joshua promptly started dating and are now engaged, to which I offer a HEARTY congratulations to BOTH of them because that is some smart sharking right there.

As for this outfit, it’s totally goofy. The hat reminds me vaguely of her first album cover, in a way that makes me smile, and I appreciate the green shoe even if I also think it looks a bit weird with this dress. I am not sure Hipster Prom Ballerina is entirely her jam, but she’s giving it her adorable best anyway. I think I’m also influenced by the afterglow of learning that two good-looking people I like are in love with each other.

Then Kylie put on this Ralph & Russo confection, which looks like when a box of Kleenex starts to explode on you a bit. However, it’s also very LOVELY, which helps, and high praise to this tiny tiny human being (is she even 5’1″?) for not being completely swallowed by it. Now excuse me, for I need to go listen to “I Should Be So Lucky” on repeat, which was my ultimate pop jam the year she released it.

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