I’m not mad at this jazzy Mugler number — and yes, I said jazzy. I called it jazzy. I’m elderly. But don’t you think it’s yearning for a matching sparkly top hat and cane, just in case a cabaret act breaks out in the middle of the party? I like that about it, even though it also has the appearance of dress fangs. It’s Halloween, after all. Why NOT let your skirt get in on the action?

But the severe blunt-cut banged bob does not work on Kerry’s face. For my money, the best Kerry hair is big and curly and natural. If she’s not going to do that, then I’d pick her current Scandal hair, which is longer than Olivia Pope normally wears it and blown out really voluminously, so it frames her face way better than this keratin box. I assume this is a wig, and that’s for the best — on several levels, actually. I often think I should invest in some wigs, because it would let me scratch the curiosity itch about what it would be like to possess a certain haircut or color, without me actually having to commit to anything. It’d be like hair dating. And mercifully, Kerry can leave this hair in the car with a polite goodnight and then change her phone number.

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