This is a party dress. And what I mean by that is, it’s the type of frock a teenager would dream of for the biggest night of her life, at which she’s expected to be voted to the Prom Queen’s court and she’s arriving with her longtime crush from one of the school sports teams, and her parents will take a very stiff photo of them standing near the front door before they twirl off and do terrible things on the dance floor to something by Pitbull. Punch will be spiked, virtues will be compromised, and D&G will be sold the next day on The Real Real to someone who’s hoping to have the exact same experience when she turns sixteen. Kerry looks perfectly fine in it, but between the Ariana Grande hair (what is with that being a trend right now?) and the ruffle, I just feel like the overall presentation isn’t as sophisticated as she is.

Also… did her makeup artist go crazy powdering her brows, or something? They look enough lighter than usual that it’s changing her entire face. Did anyone catch her on Colbert last night? Is this photo just playing a prank on me? I’m DELICATE RIGHT NOW, Photo. Don’t toy with my clarity.