It’s funny how different a person can look from night to night. Obviously the Met Gala was costumey, and Kerry was wigged up and the shape was deliberately odd, but it’s still jarring to see her flip the script and come out all sleek and slick and semi-body-con. This Herrera is the most figure-flattering thing she’s worn in a while, and black and white stripes are nifty for an event benefitting a children’s museum — they make her look ever so slightly circus-adjacent, or like the referee of a very glamorous game of flag football. Both of which I mean as light-hearted compliments, because kids are fun, and they may like circuses and flag football, even if they are not present at this particular dinner.

Oh, and speaking of football, I did promise you this:

Bronx Children's Museum Gala - Inside

There were exactly zero photos of him standing with her anywhere else — backstage, red carpet, nada — so I assume the photographers were on high alert for these moments. Also, sidebar: He is so cute. His kind face also makes him seem deeply huggable. I’m not saying that I will assume I can go up and hug him anytime I cross his path, but it’s a nice vibe. “Deeply huggable” is a great impression to give.

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