A year and a half ago, we implored Amy to claw her way out of a massive style rut, and she honestly seems to be doing just that — and in this case, nearly literally, as she’s wearing something from Valentino’s Panther collection (who knew?). We’d NEVER have seen her in anything like this circa 2015, so I’m offering up a hearty ovation for the fact that she’s splashing out, even if that involves an angry feline growling in the direction of her uterus. It almost works, too. I think her slicked-back Met Gala hair would’ve suited this high-necked dress better, and I always want something more interesting from footwear than those, but on the whole this is crazy and mod-tinged and fun in a way she should try more often. See? Change is good! Well, except for all the times when it’s terrible.

[Photo: Getty]