First of all, ABSOLUTELY Katie Holmes knows that wearing noteworthy items is gonna get her some press, and she’s out there promoting her adaption of Rare Objects, which she co-wrote, directed, AND stars in. (It’s based on the novel of the same name, but apparently has been made a modern piece rather than one set in the Depression; I haven’t read the book so I can’t speak to the wisdom of that creative choice.) And voila! Here we are. The look up top, with the gold lamé pants might prove divisive here, but I LOVE IT. It feels like the best work of Jenna Lyons, which is one of my greatest compliments.

This look inspires other emotions:

Katie Holmes in conversation at 92NY, New York, USA - 11 Apr 2023

This is VERY silly indeed. It’s like she’s wearing a deconstructed tablecloth over a tennis dress. It’s sincerely entertaining, though — it IS whimsical — and, look…she HAS got us talking.

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