This whole look is good, in that prim and proper preppy thing that suits Katie Holmes so well. I think it’s charming on her. I even think it’s charming now that I know it’s actually not a dress:

BVLGARI World Premiere of The Conductor and The Litas

Would it be BETTER as a dress? I think so. Does the fact that it’s not a dress, like, make me want to whip up some bathtub gin and drink myself blind, before emotionally abusing a handful of winsome orphans? No.

But speaking of the collected works of one Miss Hannigan, PLEASE BEHOLD:

'The Conductor' and 'The Litas' film premieres, Tribeca Film Festival, New York, USA - 26 Apr 2018

This honestly cracks me up — and I legitimately love the coat, and that bag — and I also really, REALLY want to read the fashion-speak descriptor for a Miss Hannigan-inspired look. It would be something like, “This look was inspired by a very singular woman. She’s funny, and she’s flexible. She loves vintage lingerie, and rich bald men, and uninterrupted baths, and stealing meaningful jewelry from children. She’s got surprisingly stylish relatives, and all she wants is some goddamn peace and quiet.” Honestly, I’d buy several pieces from that line.

[Photos: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock, Janet Mayer/]