I’ve decided that Kate Bosworth has a login at some of the photo services. And she’s been sitting around at home, seeing folder after folder of Katherine Schwarzenegger leaving the gym, today’s “Andrew Dice Clay at Starbucks,” and the endless array of Brooke Burke Doing Things: Summer Edition, which includes leaving a meeting, arriving at a meeting, checking out of a hotel, shopping in spandex shorts and a sporta bra, playing giant Connect Four, leaving the post office, getting ready to tape a segment for her app, and my personal favorite, “working out at her new house after a fire in her house.” She is beaming while doing yoga.

So in my head, Kate is bored to tears with all this, and — to save both herself and all of us — she rang up some photographers, got some jewelry to merch, called in a glam squad, and took a walk.

Kate Bosworth Leaving a a Meeting in Midtown

This feels like an especially overt pap walk, because she took the time to stop and pose, purse and earrings (helpfully noted in the caption as being by Missoma London) on full display with a model’s precision. She even, as if this were an issue of Seventeen or a Maybelline commercial, got the sassy “I’m leaving but I’m still looking at you” angle:

Kate Bosworth Leaving a a Meeting in Midtown

She probably should have cut herself off before this one, because the dress looks hella flimsy from this angle. The jewelry is cute, though, and her lipstick is super; unfortunately the photogs weren’t given that info, so we may never know what it is, which feels like a missed opportunity. But honestly, as strange as this lack of finesse seems, I think I prefer it to the pretense. Nobody here is pretending they look like this all the time, and were simply caught unawares as they meandered down this exact stretch of a huge city en route to a bodega for some Snapple. If this was transactional, you go, Kate. I don’t hate the hustle. In fact, I appreciate the content, and now Kate, too, can go home and log into her photo account and be like, “AHA, finally, a break from Brooke Burke.” Bless you, friend.

[Photos: InstarImages.com]