Well, look, one of Kate’s toes clearly hates this pair of shoes. But the rest of her seems to love this, as she’s radiant in it. I’m unsure if that’s a full cape or just two sleeves that each have their own volume, but it doesn’t matter; it’s arresting no matter what. I think Christian is at his best when he hones in on a flattering silhouette and then adds drama almost as a garnish, rather than when it feels like he does it the other way around. And this is the best fusion of his impulses.

Also, as much as Kate wholly owns this, if you squint there’s a Saucy Princess Leia feel to it. I almost wrote “sexy Princess Leia,” until I realized that Princess — no, General — Leia was at her sexiest in cargo pants and a vest and braids and boots, stomping through jungles and on and off starships like the damn boss that she was. But she’d have looked damn good in this, too. Man. When will that loss not feel fresh? I may need to watch When Harry Met Sally to bring back the laughter, and so that someone can stare at me in Personal Growth.

[Photo: Getty]