In Meet Cute, Kaley Cuoco plays a woman who discovers a time machine in her nail salon, and uses it to replay and improve a date. I’m curious how it’ll work; I don’t mind Pete Davidson in the limited use I’ve seen on Saturday Night Live, but I haven’t watched anything where he’s a primary story engine. Even in the tabloid coverage of his former relationship with Kim Kardashian, actual Pete somehow managed to play a largely supporting role behind his own legend (and Kim and Kanye). Which is not a criticism. It’s actually a neat magic trick. And yet, I’m also not sure I can see him as anything other than Pete Davidson.

Case in point: For the most part this outfit works on Kaley, but once again Pete showed up looking like I suspect Pete does regardless of whether he’s at a movie premiere, or a romantic dinner a deux, or in his mom’s basement watching Jaws:

'Meet Cute' film premiere, New York, USA - 20 Sep 2022

Even Kaley’s face is like, “Really? If I did this, the entire Internet would make sexist jokes about PMS.” There is a point at which “oh, it’s just his thing,” stops being enough. Pete Davidson, whether he likes it or not, is an adult male who is plenty capable of buying a suit, or a sportcoat, or even a nicer hoodie. I’m not saying he has to turn into Harry Styles. But he could easily plant his flag a notch or three above Adam Sandler.

P.S.: Zosia Mamet came out to support her pal Kaley:

'Meet Cute' film premiere, New York, USA - 20 Sep 2022

She did a LOT of exploring with her personal style for a long time, and I am glad to say that I think she’s settling into stuff that works. Seriously, Pete Davidson, there are good examples of suiting ALL AROUND YOU.

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