It’s been a minute, but for a long while there Justin Timberlake was completely unable to resist playing the fool on the red carpet whenever they were at an event for his wife Jessica Biel. He was constantly mugging and goofing off behind her, or next to her, to the point where Lainey used to call him Pops and Locks. So I am pleased to report that — while “Wifey goes hard” is maybe not the MOST affectionate way he could have promoted this series on Instagram — he was able to contain his limbs and his googly eyes, and just stand next to Jessica and support her as her miniseries premiered, rather than try to bogart the attention. Although, wait, I just gave him attention for not trying to hog the attention… dammit, I played right into his hands.

[Photos: Matt Baron, Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock]