I really enjoyed the first Jumanji — wait, no, not the FIRST first one; I haven’t seen that. But the SECOND first one, which is the inaugural Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson version, was a lot of fun. Just a great big summer*** popcorn movie with a bigger heart than you expected. I can’t figure out why the second one is coming out now, in December, when it could come out in July WHEN WE NEED THE CONTENT, ahem, I mean, when it won’t be butting up against the final Star Wars film. Maybe the Golden Globes are going to give The Rock a nomination. PLEASE GOD. Or maybe all the critics are desperate for a break from Oscars fare, which is also fair.

*** My whole thesis here is bunk! I was so sure I remembered a summer movie tour but maybe I’m conflating it with Karen Gillan’s Guardian of the Galaxy stuff. So this whole post is a load of hooey. Can I still argue that it SHOULD be a summer flick?

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