This is fine. John is under no obligation to NOT be taupe, if taupe is how he feels. But with all the menswear out there, this is such a WOMP-WOMP of a suit. He looks like it’s his first day of school as the hot new middle school principal who is about to find out how horrible seventh graders are. Which is fine if you are that person. But he’s a freaking movie star who has access to more interesting fabrics and colors and I wish he’d dabbled in that just a little. He’s been monochrome in general, in fact, from the blue suit at the premiere of I Said Shhhhh to this:

'Good Morning America' TV show, New York, USA - 10 Mar 2020

This is fine, but is that a shirt, or a buttoned-up sweater under the jacket? The layers don’t really work for me, and I think the jacket is getting lost when it could be sort of a foxy showpiece. BE THE FOXY SHOWPIECE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD, JOHN.

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