I have a soft spot for Joey King, and I also look forward to — one day in the far future — getting her unvarnished take on how she felt about The Kissing Booth III. (It has to be, “I’m grateful to be working and love paying my rent but I didn’t expect to still be playing this character!!”) Here, she’s promoting her new streaming films at (I think) Drew Barrymore above, and CBS This Morning here:

'CBS This Morning' TV Show, New York, USA - 08 Feb 2022

That flowered dress/boots combo feels VERY ’90s-by-way-of-Gaga in a way that Drew Barrymore will probably respond to/seems right for that gig. The bottom look is beautiful on her but maybe feels too evening for a morning show? Although perfect for something called CBS This Morning Tonight, which actually might be fun? Let’s get on that.

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