The winter of Celebrities Actually Dressing For The Season continues with Jodie Turner-Smith, who is visiting Pacey as he shoots his Dr. Death show (I say “visiting” because I thought she was still shooting the Anne Boleyn thing, but that might be on pause, for all I know). We got a press release saying the winged stroller is a fancy job from Cybex’s collaboration with Jeremy Scott. It’s hard to find a price on the actual website — “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it,” the adage says, and it’s true — but I saw it listed elsewhere at over $2000. (No judgment; if you have two grand, you do whatever you want with it. I’m just sharing for anecdotal reasons.)

Anyway, I’m less interested in that than I am in the coat: Jodie recently modeled some of the North Face/Gucci collaboration for Elle, and I would not be at all surprised if that came with a parka or three of her very own. (They’re not on sale yet, so I can’t totally confirm it — I found Jan. 22 listed somewhere as the release date, but apparently you can get them by private appointment, if you are that person. I am not that person.) It DOES look warm, and bright, and she did some solid work coordinating the hat and mask with the color story. Pacey also took a stab at this:

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - January 16, 2021

He’s got the hat matching his jeans, and the kicks matching his mask. He looks casual and great, if perhaps not even REMOTELY possibly as toasty as Jodie is. Pacey, where is YOUR Gucci parka? Or does your Canadian blood laugh in the face of New York winters?

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